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Accessibility FAQ's

Why should my website be accessible?

Providing equal access to content is a basic human right. Accessibility for ICT is also required to be ADA compliant through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Check out our Policies page for more details.

What does "ICT" mean?

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It's commonly used to refer to websites, emails, PDF's, computers, cell phones, etc. For more information, read the Definitions section from Section 508.

Who is affected if my website is not accessible?

One in five people report to have some type of disability. Making your ICT accessible is invaluable, required by law, and often strengthens the user's experience.

What resources are available to me?

Whether you are a content creator, designer/developer, someone purchasing a product, or someone with a disability, we have many resources available to you.

Is WVU governed by a specific law to do this?

Yes, please read our Policies page.

Does accessibility benefit people without disabilities?

The Web Accessibility Initiative says this best:

There is also a strong business case for accessibility. Accessibility overlaps with other best practices such as mobile web design, device independence, multi-modal interaction, usability, design for older users, and search engine optimization (SEO). Accessible websites can have better search results, reduced maintenance costs, increased audience reach, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR).

What types of communication technology does this apply to?

Any form of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). If it exists digitally, it should be accessible. This can mean websites, emails, PDF's, etc.

When must my website/PDF/ICT be accessible?

Law requires WVU to meet Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. If you have ICT that is not currently accessible, prioritize it to become accessible as soon as possible. Having ICT that is not accessible opens WVU up to expensive lawsuits that could potentially cost the University millions of dollars.

What other resources exist for accessibility at WVU?

WVU has the Office of Accessibility Services and the Center for Excellence in Disabilities.

I need help figuring all this out / testing my site or app / buying a 3rd party product.

After you've visited the pages on this site which outline instructions for content creators, designers and developers, and buyers, get in touch with us.

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