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Online Forms and Survey Tools

We recommend one of the following Web form service providers.
  • Wufoo – Wufoo is a paid subscription form service with multiple plans available. Features include a powerful and intuitive form builder, notification system, easy embedding of forms, a reporting tool, data export options and support for visual themes. University Relations – Digital Services has a branded skin available for this product. Call 304-293-5276 for more information.
  • Qualtrics – Check with Information Technology Services or your technology leaders in your department to see if your department is a part of this license. Digital Services has developed a branded skin for this application.
  • Google Forms via Google Drive. Google Forms is a free service available with your Google Drive account. The service includes a very simple and intuitive form builder, integration of submissions with Google Spreadsheets, reporting tools and support for data export to several popular formats.

Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or other confidential data should not be collected via Web forms.

You are responsible for any data that you collect via Web forms. Please contact the WVU Information Security Services for more details on University data collection standards or with any questions regarding the types of data that can and cannot be collected.