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Image Guidelines for the Web


The following general guidelines should be considered to ensure consistent and reliable display of images for official WVU websites.

Images with picture elements should be saved as jpg. Images with flat color elements should be saved in gif format. Also, there may be occasions when you use pngs. Image types should adhere to the RGB color specification.

Image resolution for the Web should be 72 dpi. The color palette should be reduced to the minimum number of colors necessary to maintain image quality. The editor’s “Save for Web” or similar feature should be used if available. Image backgrounds should be closely cropped; avoid large image backgrounds that match the background color/image of the containing page.

Image file size should be considered very carefully. While WVU faculty and staff members enjoy a very fast Internet connection at the office, it is important to remember that some users who browse University websites do so using a 56k dial-up connection through their home Internet service provider (ISP). The target audience of a given site should be identified and considered during page design.

Pages targeted at prospective students and other home users should avoid graphically intensive displays to ensure quick page load and response times.

The Statement of Agreement applies when a user agrees to give WVU photographs or other material to be used for the Web.

Please use a Media Release Form for photographs that you plan to use on the Web.