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Official Web Pages

Web pages produced in direct support of and sponsored by WVU, WVU colleges, schools, departments, programs and offices are considered official WVU Web pages and are subject to review and approval by University Relations – Digital Services. Designs for the WVU home page, college pages, recruitment portal, student portal, etc., are reserved for those specific groups and may not be reused, copied or duplicated in part without permission from Digital Services.

Most of the colleges and some departments at WVU have professional technologist-designers who work in conjunction with Digital Services. Professional technologists will load designs into Conceptboard for initial approval, and will then, after revisions, reload and contact Digital Services for final approval. Web pages also must run through a validator for accessibility before going to production.

If you do not have a professional technologist-designer assigned to your college or department, please contact or call 304-293-5305 before starting any designs.