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WVU events such as lectures, special events, and receptions that are open to the public can be submitted to the main calendar in the open entry section. If you are unsure of the category, please use the Special Events category. If the event is for a student organization, you should select the Student Organizations category. Events submitted in the Student Organizations category will feed into MIX and the InfoStations in the Mountainlair. Calendar items go into a queue and are approved daily. Questions should be sent to or call 304-293-5305.

Here are some tips:

  • Never select “All categories.”
  • Select categories that make sense. Some calendars, such as the Academic category, are locked and can only be edited by administrators. Remember, all events submitted must be approved by calendar administrators, so your event may not be approved for a calendar if it isn't related to the topic. 
  • Make sure the title accurately describes your event. Do not use “Meeting” or “Lecture” alone for your event title. 
  • Select only one check box for the location. Mark the box next to the most specific location (e.g., check the box by Ballrooms instead of checking boxes for both Ballrooms and Mountainlair). We call it the rule of least common denominators. The calendar knows that the Ballroom is in the Mountainlair and on the downtown campus.
  • If an event takes place over more than one day, please select recurring days. 
  • Always include a start and an end time. Estimate if you are unsure of an end time, but it is important to have an expiration time on events if we choose them to display on the WVU home page.